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Over the past few years, the federal government has spent vast resources beyond just focusing on illegal drug conspiracy investigations. The federal government has allocated agents and prosecutors specializing in healthcare fraud, child pornography and human trafficking cases. Millions of tax dollars have been poured into these kinds of investigations.

Think not only of the damage to your reputation, but the real risk to your freedom if you are subject to a federal criminal investigation. Federal criminal investigations are often lengthy, certainly thorough resulting in frequent convictions, while the penalties are usually much harsher than being prosecuted in a state court.

If you discover that you are being investigated by a federal law enforcement agency such as the FBI, DEA, or HHS-OIG, DO NOT WAIT TO BE CHARGED before you contact an attorney. You may be called in for questioning or receive a target letter specifying that you are under investigation. Going it alone at this initial stage is fraught with peril!! Don’t be under the illusion you can just talk your way out of it. Once a statement is given you are committed to that statement. A later change could subject you to allegations of obstructing a federal investigation or giving a false statement to federal agents, each being an additional offense from the one being initially investigated. Consult a lawyer first.

A lawyer can meet with the government to evaluate the potential case against you and determine whether or not it is in your best interest to talk or not.

Early representation would allow a lawyer to conduct an investigation of their own before charges are formally brought and perhaps allow the attorney to provide information to the federal authorities whereby they decline to prosecute you. Obviously, the more time an attorney has to work on your behalf the better, especially before any formal charges are levied. Even if the government is not ultimately persuaded to decline prosecution, you and your attorney should have an in depth understanding of the charges against you at the outset of the case.

Having an attorney before you are formally charged enables the attorney to work out the means of surrendering yourself rather than being arrested at home or at work. Many times the government will allow an accused, represented by an attorney, to turn themselves in either to the investigating agency or the marshal’s service, where the accused would provide biographical information, along with being photographed and fingerprinted. The next step would be going in front of a magistrate for an initial appearance and arraignment. There would then be a determination of whether the accused would be released pending final disposition of the case or whether the accused should be detained.

Howard Blackmon is an experienced criminal defense attorney in representing clients under criminal investigation by the federal government. As a former federal prosecutor, he knows many of the players and procedures involved in a federal criminal prosecution and can use this knowledge and experience for an aggressive and vigorous defense of your rights and freedom.

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