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Murder is intentionally or knowingly causing the death of another without legal justification. The punishment can be up to life imprisonment. Howard Blackmon has handled over one hundred murder cases as a prosecutor and defense attorney. He has the knowledge and experience to defend you from this charge. Oftentimes the claim of self- defense can be raised or a lesser form of homicide such as manslaughter or negligent homicide can be pursued, assuming the state can even prove you responsible for the death. Each case is different , some should be tried, while others should be worked out, either by plea or in some situations by dismissal. This is why you need an experienced lawyer like Howard Blackmon to handle your case.

Law enforcement will attempt to question you and get an admission from you. It is hardly ever in your best interest to give a statement in such circumstances without first talking to a lawyer. You have an absolute right to speak to an attorney before any questioning by the police.

Robbery is causing injury or the imminent threat to cause injury or death during the commission of theft. For example, a person goes into a convenience store and steals a pack of cigarettes and while on the way out punches the store cashier. That’s robbery. Even though the amount stolen is negligible it is the punch, the violent act causing mere pain that elevates this incident to robbery. Robbery is a second degree felony, punishable up to 20 years in prison. Of course, each case is different, some may be plead down, if a trial is not in the accused best interest, probation is an option for younger offenders, and those with minimal criminal history. Using the above scenario, if the person used a deadly weapon during the theft of the cigarettes or the punch caused serious injury, then the charge of aggravated robbery would be applicable, which carries up to a life sentence.

In general, assault is causing bodily injury to another. There are lesser forms, but assault resulting in injury is a Class A misdemeanor with a punishment range of up to a year in jail. If a weapon is used to either cause or threaten injury or serious injury results from an assault, then the accused would be facing a charge of aggravated assault, a second degree felony with a punishment range up to 20 years.

Violence, whether physical or threatening behavior, between family members or current/former spouses or current/former romantic partners constitutes domestic violence. If you have been arrested for murder, sexual assault, assault or aggravated assault or stalking in a domestic violence situation, you need a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer well versed in defending these cases. Not only can you lose your freedom, you can forget about ever being able to legally possess a firearm after being convicted of any domestic violence charge. A conviction for a domestic violence offense can make getting employment or housing extremely difficult. In many circumstances, it can result in deportation of non-citizens.

Client Reviews
"Howard is one of the best trial lawyers I have ever seen in action. I would go to war with him in the courtroom on any case." T.S.
"I was charged with a serious crime and the state wanted to send me away for 10 years. Mr. Blackmon found weaknesses in the case and kept me out of prison." G.C.