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Tremendous effort is being expended in prosecuting those accused of involvement in human trafficking, whether as an owner or manager, one in charge of finances or the sex workers themselves. Law enforcement is looking for prostitution enterprises operating out of spas, massage parlors or online adult escort sites.

These investigations are lengthy and complex. Continuous surveillance is conducted, business and bank records examined, patrons are interviewed, along with sex workers and establishments are searched pursuant to warrants. Not only can you go to prison, your money and property can be seized and if applicable you can be deported if you are a non-citizen.

If you have been arrested for a human trafficking or prostitution related charge, contact Howard Blackmon for an attorney experienced in representing people facing those charges.

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"Howard is one of the best trial lawyers I have ever seen in action. I would go to war with him in the courtroom on any case." T.S.
"I was charged with a serious crime and the state wanted to send me away for 10 years. Mr. Blackmon found weaknesses in the case and kept me out of prison." G.C.