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If you have been charged with a crime or anticipate that you soon will be, then contact attorney Howard Blackmon for an aggressive criminal defense. He has the experience and ability to aid you in preserving your freedom and reputation.

With over 35 years practicing criminal law, Howard Blackmon has handled thousands of federal and state criminal cases, including over 300 jury trials, throughout Texas. As a former federal prosecutor in the Eastern District of Texas and an Assistant District Attorney in Dallas County, he knows how to get things done for his clients in both federal and state court, and will use this experience to your advantage.

Howard Blackmon is well known and well respected by judges, fellow defense attorneys, prosecutors and law enforcement throughout Texas. When he walks into a courtroom the opposing side knows they will be dealing with a hard working, highly accomplished attorney, out to get the best for his client. Throughout his career, he has successfully tried complex and highly publicized cases. Attorneys frequently seek out his advice and ask him to collaborate with their legal representation.

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Drug Conspiracy Charges

Federal drug conspiracy charges can arise when multiple people become involved in the distribution of illegal drugs. To be charged with conspiracy you may never had possessed the actual drugs. If you were knowingly involved with facilitating the transportation or the financial aspects of distribution you are still liable for conspiracy.

Typically, the government will seek to detain an individual charged with drug conspiracy while the case is pending. However, an accused can contest detention in a hearing before a federal magistrate. Depending on the amount of drugs involved and an individual’s role in the conspiracy, the penalties can be quite severe. An accused can fight the charges through trial, contest the validity of searches or seek the best possible deal.

White Collar Crimes

Financial crimes involving fraud against the government, financial institutions or businesses or individuals through the use of mail or computers are usually extremely complex. Government investigations can be lengthy and intense. Many times an individual subject to a federal fraud investigation will know beforehand and can seek legal help before charges are filed, giving an attorney an opportunity to do an investigation into the allegations and many times offer explanations for the conduct, possibly heading off any criminal charges.

Healthcare Fraud

Is it actual fraud or is it just billing errors without criminal intent or incomplete progress notes or differing interpretations over coding issues? FBI or HHS-OIG agents very well may have the mindset that aggressive billing, coupled with incomplete supporting paperwork is criminal fraud as opposed to honest disagreements over coding and billing.

Child Pornography

Visual images depicting children under 18 years old engaged in sexual conduct is child pornography. Child pornography cases usually result from the execution of a search warrant by law enforcement after they have been alerted by a service provider. You will need an attorney well versed in search and seizure law, specifically involving computers.

Human Trafficking

Prostitution enterprises operated out of spas or massage parlors have become increasingly targeted by federal authorities. Escort services and dating apps promoting prostitution on the internet are also the focus of law enforcement. Owners, managers and the sex workers are subject to human trafficking charges. Not only can an accused lose their freedom, their money and property can be seized and if not a citizen can face deportation.

Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney Violent Crimes

Various defensive issues may arise when an individual is charged with a violent crime such as murder or aggravated assault. Is there a potential alibi where identity comes into play? Is intent an issue? Does a claim of self-defense arise?

Drug Possession Charges

Many times drug possession charges result from traffic stops. An individual is pulled over for speeding or expired tags and either paraphernalia is visible or the odor of marijuana is prevalent giving the police cause to search the vehicle. State law enforcement run search warrants at locations previously targeted by undercover buys also. Just because the feds are not involved does not mean the repercussions for state drug charges are not severe.

Domestic Violence

Violence, whether physical or threatened between family members or ex-spouses or those in a previous romantic relationship has consequences beyond potentially jeopardizing one’s freedom. A conviction for domestic violence, whether felony or misdemeanor, can make finding employment or housing difficult. Future gun ownership will also be prohibited. A previous domestic violence charge can also be used to enhance the consequences for any future family violence charge. An individual accused of domestic violence can be placed under a protective order, either by the police or the complaining witness.

If you have been arrested or believe you are about to be you will need an aggressive Dallas criminal defense attorney. Call me at (972) 347-4411. I have the experience and know how to provide you a skillful and aggressive legal defense. Initial consultation at no cost to you.

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